About us

The "Kontrakt" Law Office is a team of lawyers and legal advisors specializing in complex cases, where experience, special knowledge, diligence and a comprehensive approach to the problem is required.

Our qualifications include legal and tax consulting as well as representing clients before authorities and courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court.

In order to meet the expectations of our clients and seeking alternative methods of dispute resolution, our Law Office offers not only claims pursuing and court's disputes resolving services, but also mediation proceedings. Our Law Office offers mediation services provided by an experienced mediator entered in the list of court mediators at the District Court in Szczecin.

Our lawyers have a wealth of knowledge about business negotiations related to the sale and acquisition of enterprises, shares in companies, agricultural and commercial real estates, as well as about comprehensive research of companies before their sale (due diligence).

We have a lot of practice in the field of giving opinions and creating contracts requiring special knowledge and experience.

Our lawyers are constantly improving their qualifications so that we can offer our existing and future clients an even wider range of services.

We offer both legal assistance in the implementation of individual projects as well as permanent legal services for entrepreneurs.

We are family company and have been operating since 1986.

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